Dynamic Metrics

There's of course no absolute right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself with typography, but Inter Dynamic Metrics provides guidelines for how to best use Inter. You simply provide the optical font size, and the tracking and line height is calculated for you through the following formula:

tracking = a + b × e(c × z) a = -0.0223    b = 0.185    c = -0.1745    z = font size

The controls below can be used to play around with the a, b and c constants to discover how they affect tracking.

View this on a larger screen to enable interactive control.

15   0.0   ( 0.0 ) Such a riot of sea and wind strews the whole extent of beach with whatever has been lost or thrown overboard, or torn out of sunken ships. Many a man has made a good week’s work in a single day by what he has found while walking along the Beach when the surf was down.